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Top vacation destinations in Dolomites

Each mountain in the Dolomites is like a piece of art.

- Reinhold Messner
Situated on the border with Austria, the Dolomites are a stunning mountain range in the northern Italian Alps, renowned for the unfathomable beauty of the scenery that engulfs them. Apart from being one of the prettiest mountain landscapes in Italy though, the Dolomites are also among the most easily accessible ones. Hence their popularity. A skiing heaven in the winter and a hiker's paradise in the summer, the area around the Dolomites is a year-round destination for anyone looking to enjoy an active vacation. From skiing in the winter to hiking, cycling, and rock climbing in the summer, the Dolomites offer outdoor activities for all tastes.
Yet, no one can blame you if all you want to do is sit back and take in the beauty that surrounds you. Enjoying doing nothing is also time well spent in the Dolomites. After all, the Dolomites aren't just about dramatic mountain peaks, lush valleys, and exciting mountain passes. The area is also dotted with picturesque villages that seem to have sprung out of the pages of a storybook. In these quaint villages, you can mingle with locals, sip on local wine, and sample superb local cuisine, a mouthwatering blend of Italian and Austrian flavors. The Dolomites are protected by UNESCO as part of the World Heritage List, a sign of the commitment to preserving the outstanding beauty of the region.

Popular Dolomites Vacation Itineraries

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