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"A city built by gentlemen for gentlemen." -Founder Jean Parisot de la Valette, Grand Master of the Order of St. John.
Valletta is easily the smallest capital city on our map, yet somehow it packs a lot into a small space (just over a fifth of a square mile). Built under the authority of Grand Master Jean de la Valette, the leader of the Order of St John, on a neat grid plan, the medieval fortress origins of the city surround you completely. Within this small area you’l find most of the churches, squares, shopping streets, and military museums, and a lot of restaurants. That military history is everywhere, and watching a cannon being fired from the saluting battery at midday and 4 PM is a must.
Route for Valletta tour
Malta's proximity to the coast of North Africa should give you a clue about the weather. Even in January you'll find the temperatures comfortably in the 60s. Valletta is a year-round destination, so unlike many places in nearby Sicily, you won’t find restaurants and attractions closed for part of the year, as there is off-season. However, locals advise against spending too much time in Valetta in the hottest months of the year, July and August, opting instead for the sea air of St Julian or spending time on Gozo, the sparsely populated smaller island to the north.

Popular Tour Itineraries Featuring Valletta

Spend some time in Valletta on a tour that takes in other cities in Malta and neighboring countries. Our vacation packages including Valletta and other destinations throughout Malta and Europe hassle-free. We take care of getting you from place to place, accommodation, excursions and activities.

What I love about Valletta


Central Europe Team Leader

I absolutely adored the architecture in Valletta, with all these colorful balconies and hilly streets, it is definitely something to see in this life. Very unique. We visited Malta at the end of October and the weather was just perfect. We enjoyed the restaurants, the views, sat on the stairs and had some cocktails, walked a lot and explored the different neighborhoods, visited the Ħaġar Qim archaeological site, which was super interesting, even had a quick dip in the sea :). It was just a perfect 4 days to spend in Valletta.

Where to stay in Valletta

Valletta has seen a boom in boutique hotel openings in recent years and we’ve picked what we think are the best of them, avoiding the more style-over-substance places in favor of properties with character.
Heritage Boutique Hotel in Valletta
Heritage Boutique Hotel
A classic Valletta landmark revived as a centrally located boutique hotel. Every room is unique with a focus on the history and the style of the building.
Boutique hotel in Valletta
Boutique hotel
Cozy spacious rooms with a nice design and great views from rooftop terrace
Boutique Guesthouse in Valletta
Boutique Guesthouse
Boutique guesthouse in a historic palazzo with a great rooftop terrace and view of the harbour.

Things to do in Valletta

With seven thousand years of history, and a wide variety of occupying civilisations and powers, there’s a surprising amount to see in and around Valletta. Whether you’re interested in history, architecture, archeology, food and wine, or nature. As well as cultural pursuits there are plenty of opportunities to get active, particularly water sports, and there are a good few beaches as well.
Valletta Private Walking Tour
Valletta Private Walking Tour

Frequently Asked Questions about travel to Valletta

How long should I spend in Valletta?
We suggest spending at least three days in Valletta, in order to be able to enjoy its tourist sights and highlights and also have some free time. Consider adding another night if you want to make a day trip.
What are prices like in Valletta?
Valletta is quite a "cheap" city. An average meal (lunch) is around 10/15 EUR and a dinner around 20 EUR per person. Quick lunch in one of the many fast-food or bars around the city is around 5/10 EUR.
How can I get around Valletta?
Valletta is a relatively small city. You can easily walk around everywhere and, if needed, take the ferry to reach the other side (if you don't feel like walking all the way around the island).
Is Valletta safe?
Valletta is quite a safe city, but be aware of petty crimes like pickpocketing, specially in the crowded places, tourist attractions and in big lines.
What are Valletta's options for people with dietary restrictions?
Valletta is a very international city, therefore, more than the Mediterranean diet, you will find many different kind of restaurants (Chinese, Japanese, Thai, Mexican and so on), and a huge variety of food.
Our suggestion for vegetarians is Soul Food, a restaurant near the Grandmaster's Palace.
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