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Team Leader for Central Europe & Baltic Region
Igor was also outstanding in every possible way. He answered every one of our many questions and requests prior to our trip. He remained in close contact with us throughout our time in Poland. We met him at our hotel in Krakow-he is friendly, outgoing, responsible, caring-we can’t say enough good thing about him!
Krishna, Wisconsin
A native of Krakow, Igor has always been outgoing and interested people from other countries. While working in sales, Igor was able to get a degree in international relations and tourism from Krakow University, which allowed him to begin new adventures in the world of tourism. When we took Igor on, he had spent years managing an aparthotel in Krakow. Having polished his English by working with clients from all over the world... we have him doing much the same!

What's your favorite thing about traveling?
Expecting the unexpected, and in the end, still experiencing something unexpected when you get where you’re going. When I return from a trip I always feel, at least for the next couple of days, like I’ve come back a bit changed in some spiritual way.

Why do you think it's important to travel?
To travel is to broaden your horizon for everything. Traveling teaches you something new about people, culture, the economy, and history. It shows you differences and also similarities among humans all around the world.

What do you consider to be your best finds from your travels and where was it?
This is hard, as usually I don't bring too many things back with me. I have a wooden hat from, I believe, Mauritius, which I still take for any other tropical vacations, so it has a practical use for me. On the other hand one time I lost my then favorite shades in the Amazon River in Brazil, so there are things that I take from a trip, and those I leave behind!

Best advice for travelers to Europe?
Keep in mind that on this relatively small continent you will encounter a full bag of cultural, geographical, and behavioral differences, which will only make the journey that much more exciting. Every country has something different to offer and different places to visit.

Mountains or beaches? Why?
For me always beaches. Probably because, being born and raised in Krakow, there has always been 100 km between me and the mountains, and the Baltic Sea is roughly 700 km away. The first time I saw the sea I was 13. I still remember that moment. I enjoy the water very much.

Planes, trains, or automobiles? How do you like to travel and why?
Planes. It is unquestionably the fastest way to travel, and I couldn't get to Jamaica from Poland any other way, really. But if you go for a nice trip with friends or family, a car or train ride can also be enjoyable and fun. And that way, unlike when you’re flying, you can see more of the area around you. When you go by car, you can make some additional stops in interesting places. But usually for me traveling by plane is the best choice.

What were your reasons for choosing for working in travel?
There’s never a dull day in the office! Each day can be an exciting challenge, and you feel that you really have a positive impact on people.
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