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A city of history and business. Poznan has a diverse character that will charm you.
For many people in Poland, Poznan is a city for doing business. But there's another, more interesting side of Poznan that's visible at any given time in the city's Old Town. There's a real energy here. Just strolling through Old Market Square, with its painted townhouses, will be enough to convince you that Poznan is a unique destination. During the day, there are many historical sights and beautiful churches, including a stunning cathedral. There are also excellent restaurants and cute cafes where you can relax. At night the city comes alive, as businesspeople, students, and tourists crowd into Poznan's signature bars and clubs. A little off the beaten path, Poznan has plenty of stories to tell and delicious food to try.
Route for Poznan tour
Poznan is also known as the capital of the Saint Martin's croissant. This is a famous local delicacy that's mostly eaten on November 11, Saint Martin's Day. But you can certainly find it all year round. If you'd like to explore the surrounding region, there are very good train connections and fun day trips from Poznan. All in all, this charming city will capture your heart with an atmosphere you can feel on every street. Poznan really is a hidden gem of Poland.

Popular Tour Itineraries Featuring Poznan

Spend some time in Poznan on a tour that takes in other cities in Poland and neighboring countries. Our vacation packages including Poznan and other destinations throughout Poland and Europe hassle-free. We take care of getting you from place to place, accommodation, excursions and activities.

* Starting price is based on double occupancy in 3 star accommodation, in the most affordable month an itinerary is offered. Airfare to Europe is not included.

Click on your choice of itinerary, select number of travelers in your party, month of travel, and desired star level of accommodation to get an approximate price. Submit the enquiry form with any additional details and we can start planning your customized trip.

What I love about Poznan


Team Leader for Central Europe & Baltic Region

Poznań is yet another Polish city that offers various unique attractions for visitors. The Old Town area has its own distinctive charm. I also enjoyed spending time in the vast area of ​​the Citadel Park, where in addition to enjoying nature, you can also visit the military museum, which presents really cool war machines, including large tanks.

Where to stay in Poznan

The accommodation we offer in Poznan is all conveniently located, mostly around the atmospheric Old Market Square, one of the city’s main attractions. Some of our hotels are located in a more modern part of the city, where you’ll be close to newer shops and restaurants, including the famous Old Brewery, which has been converted into a shopping plaza and contemporary art gallery. One hotel, the 5-star Blow Up Hall, is located in the Old Brewery and has an impressive collection of contemporary Polish art. Once we start preparing your customized itinerary we will present our recommended options for you to select from.
Modern Design Hotel in Poznan
Modern Design Hotel
Located in a high rise not too far from Old Town, this design hotel and spa has all the conveniences you could ask for.
Authentic Boutique Hotel in Poznan
Authentic Boutique Hotel
With an on-site brewery and restaurant right on the city's main square, this is a cool, convenient choice.
Modern Design Hotel in Poznan
Modern Design Hotel
Located in the heart of Poznan's Old Town, this hotel is a perfect option for both sightseeing and relaxing purposes. Its design is our favourite part.

Things to do in Poznan

Poznan is an energetic city that offers more than a few unique attractions, from museums to fine gastronomy. The Saint Martin’s Croissant Museum combines the two, giving the history of this famous local delicacy. Other museums like the Uprising Museum, give insights into the city’s volatile past. Just strolling the streets with a local guide is a great way to get to know the city, and we offer numerous tours based around different themes and neighborhoods, many of which can be tailored to your interests. We also offer a very popular food tour, so you can indulge in some of the most famous goods in Poznan and Poland. When we send you your customized itinerary you will be able to choose additional excursions to include in your vacation package or consider adding later.
Poznan Feast Private Tour
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Poznan Feast Private Tour
Highlights of Poznan Private Tour
Highlights of Poznan Private Tour

Frequently Asked Questions about travel to Poznan

How long should I stay in Poznan?
Although one of Poland's largest cities, and home to many of its corporations, Poznan's landmarks are generally concentrated in a fairly small area, so visitors tend to stay for a night or two.
How can I get local currency in Poznan?
We recommend taking out zlotys at Poznan's many bank ATMs.
How expensive is Poznan?
A light lunch with drink costs a bit less than $10 per person, while a full dinner in the Old Town costs roughly twice as much. The city's famous St. Martin's Croissants will put you back $1-2, while a visit to the Croissant Museum to learn how to make them yourself costs a bit less than $5.
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