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European Destination Weddings

With backdrops as beautiful as those you'll find in Budapest, Prague, Krakow, or along the Croatian coast, it's no surprise that European destination weddings are becoming increasingly popular.

When you consider how far your money can go as well, there's a good case to be made for celebrating your nuptials with family and friends in one of the many stunning settings found throughout Central and Eastern Europe, as well as Italy and the Caucasus.

Just as you would work with a wedding planner in your own city, having someone take care of the arrangements for you in another country is an essential part of getting hitched abroad, especially if this is to be your official wedding. A lot of paperwork can be required in these cases and having a professional handle all the details guarantees you'll get hitched without a hitch.

Over the years, we have worked with, met, and interviewed wedding planners in many of our destinations. Each of the contacts you will find here will provide exemplary service in making your dream wedding a reality. And you can leave all the travel arrangements to us, to ensure your destination wedding is flawless.

Dubrovnik Destination WeddingsDubrovnik

As one of our most popular destinations and regional hubs, there isn't much we can't tell you about getting married in Dubrovnik. In 2017 alone two of our Croatia team got married there, as well as our CEO's sister. The town is rich in picture-perfect venues and wedding photo opportunities too.

renata-dubrovnik-marry-meWe asked Renata Alujević, the owner of the wedding planning agency Dubrovnik - Marry Me, one of the one of the leading agencies for weddings in Dubrovnik, to explain why she set up as a wedding planner and why exactly Dubrovnik is the one of the most popular wedding destinations in Croatia.

"The answer is very simple, like George Bernard Shaw said - Those who are looking for paradise on earth should come and see Dubrovnik. I would like to add… should come to get married. Although I always knew that I loved the job and wanted to pursue this career, I did not have a clue how much joy it would bring me to see the happy faces of brides and grooms. And last, but not the least, everything I do related to weddings, gives me a tremendous sense of pleasure."

Which is the most popular wedding location in Dubrovnik?

"The whole of Dubrovnik is unique and each venue has a soul, but couples most like venues with overlooking the sea and old palaces, especially the Sponza Palace, a beautiful place located in the heart of Old Town of Dubrovnik… and I think that I will not be wrong if I say that more then 80% of couples who make the decision to get married in Dubrovnik, have their ceremony in the Sponza Palace."

I imagine that couples have a lot of wishes, but what is it that they really must have at the wedding?

"Everything is important at a wedding, from the bride's hairstyle through decorations to the selection of music, menu, wedding cake. . . All couples wish that their special day goes smoothly, perfectly; they want to enjoy every single moment of the day. And yes, couples have a lot of wishes, and all of us on the Dubrovnik – Marry Me team always give the best to realize all their wishes. And I am very glad that I can say that we are very successful and our newlyweds are always very satisfied. If you ask me, I would like to say that the most important part of each wedding is the photographer. If the couple reduced the budget on the food for example, hardly any of the guests would know and they certainly won’t remember. But, after your wedding, you will have wedding photos telling a beautiful story holding lots of beautiful memories. When the big day is over, all you have are photos you shall treasure, photos you shall show to friends, colleagues at work, family and one day to your children and your grandchildren."

And to finish, what advice would you give to future couples?

"I will say something what I always tell them - Dear future newlyweds, consider thoroughly what you want, and what are your priorities. The wedding happens only once in a lifetime, but loving memories last forever!"

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