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  | Poland
Poland's historical capital and cultural center.
Krakow has a spirit unlike any other European destination.

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Krakow Sights

Poland's second largest city, behind Warsaw, Krakow is the country's most popular tourist destination. Visiting Krakow is a thrill. It's full of history, architecture, and cuisine. Book a nice hotel and get ready for a fantastic vacation in Poland. Once the royal capital of Poland, Krakow came out of WWII unscathed, unlike the rest of the country. There is no doubt why Krakow is on the UNESCO World Heritage List. Old Town is lovely. It is quaint though it houses the largest square in all of Europe. Krakow's former Jewish ghetto gives a glimpse into Jewish life in WWII. And Krakow has great museums dedicated to Polish history and art. Krakow caters to the interest of every traveler.

Krakow Tourism

Typical Polish food consists of hearty meals. You'll find a number of Krakow restaurants offering home-style cooking. Krakow's Old Town has a wide range of foreign cuisines as well. Polish vodka is the national drink. It is smooth and best enjoyed ice-cold. Krakow has many cultural and musical festivals throughout the year. Krakow has a large student population which makes for a vibrant nightlife. Krakow will be the highlight of your Polish vacation, whether you're staying here, visiting the rest of the country, or traveling through Central Europe.

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Where to stay in Krakow

In Krakow the majority of the accommodation options we offer, from hotels, B&Bs to apartments, are located in the historic old town area, with just a few in Kazimierz, the former Jewish ghetto. Take your pick from simple but cozy three star to luxury five star hotels in historic buildings. If you're staying a little longer the extra space of an apartment and access to a kitchen is also a possibility. Once we start preparing your customized itinerary we will present our recommended options for you to select from.

Things to do in Krakow

There's lots to see in and around Krakow and we can include many varied tours and activities as part of the Krakow leg of your Eastern Europe tour. Learn about Krakow's history on the City Tour, go down the salt mines of Wieliczka, learn in detail about Jewish Krakow, even go for a traditional Jewish Style Dinner with Klezmer. The most historically significant sites near Krakow is of course Auschwitz, about an hour away, and this can be visited on a private or group day trip, or included on a transfer to or from Prague. Or get out of the city center and into Poland's great outdoors with a day trip to the mountain resort of Zakopane. When we send you your customized itinerary you will be able to choose additional excursions to included in your vacation package or consider for adding later.

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What I love about Krakow...

“Krakow's historical spirit will capture your heart, it will leave a stain on it - the kind of stain that will keep your memory of this place alive and the wishes to come back. What I love about Krakow is its beautiful Old Town with so many hidden treasures that you can spend a lifetime discovering. I love the sound of bells striking every hour, the trumpeter reminding us about his beautiful sacrify, the pigeons eating from the childrens' hands, the street musicians - just everything!”

Popular Tour Itineraries Featuring Krakow

Spend some time in Krakow on a tour that takes in other cities in Poland and neighboring countries. Our vacation packages including Krakow and other destinations make traveling in Central & Eastern Europe hassle-free. We take care of getting you from place to place, accommodation, excursions and activities.

Poland Tours

Poland in 10 Days: Krakow, Warsaw and Gdansk

This 10 day itinerary focuses on three very different Polish cities. You'll begin in Krakow, a city with a lot of history, a beautiful old town and one-time capital of Poland. Next up is the present-day capital Warsaw, rebuilt since then destruction of WWII. You'll finish up in Gdansk, a Teutonic merchant city on the Baltic sea. read full itinerary

Two Week Poland Grand Tour

Two week tour with overnight stays in Krakow, Wroclaw, Poznan, Warsaw and Gdansk. See all the highlights of Poland at your own pace on this Poland Grand Tour. read full itinerary

Tours of Poland and neighboring countries

10 Days Central European Cities Tour: Prague, Krakow & Budapest

If you would prefer to stick to cities in the former Eastern Bloc countries, this itinerary substitutes Krakow in place of Vienna. Known as Poland's cultural and historic capital, Krakow offers a unique atmosphere. This route is popular with guests of Jewish heritage but it truly offers something for all tastes. read full itinerary

10 Days in Krakow, Warsaw & Vilnius

This ten day itinerary features overnight stays in Krakow, Warsaw and Vilnius. All three cities have a significant Jewish heritage to be explored, as well as a wealth of other historical and cultural aspects. read full itinerary

The Best of Budapest, Krakow & Warsaw in 10 Days

This 10 day Budapest, Krakow and Warsaw private tour itinerary will show you three very different cities that all enjoy places on UNESCO's World Heritage List. From buzzing Budapest to historic Krakow to rejuvenated Warsaw, this Central Europe vacation is packed with variety. read full itinerary

12 Days Central European Cities Tour: Budapest, Vienna, Prague & Krakow

Visit three grand Central European capitals and the historic Polish capital Krakow in two weeks, traveling at a relaxed pace. Start off in enchanting Prague, with its picture-postcard Old Town. Then take in the Imperial grandeur of Vienna. Next stop is in Budapest, voted 'best city in Europe' in 2015. The trip ends in Krakow, Poland's most popular destination and still its cultural capital. read full itinerary

Two Week Central Europe Grand Tour

With 2 weeks at your disposal and spending a little less time in each city you can explore a large area of Central Europe. Start in the ubercool German capital, Berlin then head south to enchanting Prague. After a few days it's time to head south again, to fairy-tale medieval Cesky Krumlov. From here it's on to the grand old Imperial capital, Vienna. After that you reach Budapest to see for yourself why Condé Nast Traveler readers voted it best city in Europe in 2015. The trip ends in the historic Polish capital, Krakow. read full itinerary

Krakow Photos

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Market Square, Krakow
Florianska Gate, Krakow
St. Peter's & St. Paul's , Krakow
Kazimierz, Krakow
Clock Tower, Krakow
Cloth Hall , Krakow
Music in the Square, Krakow
Slowacki Theater, Krakow
St. Adalbert's , Krakow
Wawel Castle, Krakow
St. Andrew's , Krakow
St. Mary's, Krakow
Auschwitz, Krakow
Open Air Cafe, Krakow
Rynek Glowny (Market Square) in Spring, Krakow
Rynek Glowny (Market Square) at night, Krakow

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Frequently Asked Questions about travel to Krakow

How long should we spend in Krakow?

Krakow's pretty old town and somewhat scruffier former Jewish ghetto area of Kazimierz need at least a day to see in any detail and we usually arrange a walking tour of these shortly after our guests arrive to get their bearings in the city as well as learn of its rich history. If you are particularly interested in Jewish heritage then the Jewish Krakow tour or the Jewish style dinner are musts too.

Popular trips outside of Krakow include a visit to Auschwitz Birkenau or the Wieliczka salt mine. Nature lovers might enjoy a full day trip to Zakopane, in the Polish Tatra mountains. With all these possibilities it's very easy to spend at least 3 days in Krakow.

Is Krakow safe?

Krakow is a beautiful university and cultural center that was not destroyed during the War. The city center dates back to the 13th Century. It is a place where you can walk safely at night or day. There is some danger of pickpockets, but normal precautions are sufficient. ATMs are to be found everywhere, so you need carry very little cash.

What is the weather usually like in Krakow?

Krakow's weather is not too dissimilar to that of New York, with snowy winters and often quite hot in the summer.

How can I get around Krakow?

Most of the sights are located within easy walking distance in the center so the best way to explore old Krakow is on foot. Many streets and squares are pedestrianised so it's usually the only option! If you want to see the old town without walking there are however some interesting options, from horse-drawn carriages, electric carts with a taped guide, to a bicycle rickshaw.

Outside of the center Krakow's public transport network of trams and buses is a cheap and effiicient way to get from place to place. Taxis are also relatively inexpensive. A 10km journey, between 6am and 10pm Monday to Saturday, will cost you no more than 50zl or 70zl from 10pm to 6am or all day Sunday.

What are the people like in Krakow?

There's a very large student population from all over Poland and further afield in Europe so the atmosphere is friendly, and you will have no problems communicating - around 80% of young people speak English, as do staff in all the bars and shops in the town center. Although popular with visitors, Krakow is not overcrowded with them. As a result Krakow has an authentic feel, and if you want you should find it easy to chat with the locals.

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