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  | Austria
The Tyrollean Capital.
Innsbruck is Austria's winter sports city.

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Innsbruck Sights

Innsbruck has a timeless reputation as a winter sports destination. It’s easy to see why. Nestled in a valley of the Alps, Innsbruck is surrounded by picturesque mountains complete with ski slopes and funiculars. Zaha Hadid actually designed one of the lift stations. Whether you’re here in the winter or the summer, you can have an active vacation in the mountains. In the center of Innsbruck, you’ll find charming cobblestone streets, winding alleyways, and quaint cafes. The mountains, a constant presence, form a dramatic backdrop.

Innsbruck Tourism

Innsbruck is a unique destination. It combines breathtaking natural scenery with a comfortable, small-town feel. There’s a mix of Imperial Austrian architecture and newer creations. Strolling the streets offers a feast for the eyes. The restaurants in Innsbruck are also wonderful. They have a variety of cuisines ranging from traditional to modern. There's a youthful atmosphere in many of them, thanks to the large student population. Innsbruck is a place where you can unwind. You'll enjoy a mountain holiday at your own pace.

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Jerry and Judy

Jerry and Judy


It was really smooth and easy working with JayWay Travel to plan the trip. JayWay Travel set up comfortable accommodations that were centrally located.   The transfers they arranged to/from airports and train stations made it really easy to travel to different cities.

Lenelle and Olivia

Lenelle and Olivia


Where to stay in Innsbruck

With a compact city center and old town all the hand-picked selection of hotels we offer is concentrated in this area. Wherever you choose you'll be surrounded by all the dining and shopping conveniences you would expect from a bustling city. With a choice that spans crisp and modern design hotels and the more traditional dark wood and half-pound room key type, or a well appointed business style hotel that boasts river views, a spa and indoor pool. Once we start preparing your customized itinerary we will present our recommended options for you to select from.

Things to do in Innsbruck

If you're anything like the Austrians, the main reason you're coming to Innsbruck is for the easy access to the alps. With a funicular that will take you up into the lower reaches of the alps, where you can connect to the panoramic cable car to the Seegrube where you'll feel like you're on top of the world and perfectly placed for a hike in the Nordkette (Northern Range) national park. Back in the city we can arrange for a private walking or driving tour that will teach you about the history of Austrians alpine sports capital, tracing the footsteps of the Habsburg family that ruled the Austro-Hungarian Empire. Another popular self-guided day trip is a visit to the Swarovski Crystal World, a theme park dedicated to all things shiny about half an hour out of the city and reachable by a shuttle bus run by the company. When we send you your customized itinerary you will be able to choose additional excursions to included in your vacation package or consider for adding later.

Central Europe Destination Manager

What I love about Innsbruck...

“For me Innsbruck is a fairy-tale city surrounded by the Alps and the endless ski slopes. I love to stroll along gorgeous facades in the middle of the city and then withing a minutes find myself hiking in the Alps.”

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