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Operations Training Specialist
Norbert was beyond amazing. He made everything easy and fun. His recommendations were great and he went above and beyond by arranging for us to join friends for a dinner. This was a highlight of the trip.
Margaret, New York

Norbert came to us after getting a degree in English from one of Central Europe's best universities, in Budapest. His years working in Youtube marketing/video editing/partner manager are serving JayWay well, as he is keenly into shooting and editing videos proving Hungary's beauty, as part of his role as Budapest City Host. Norbert enjoys hiking, spending time with his family and friends, and playing video games occasionally, although he's also interested in history and Buddhism.

What is your idea of a perfect vacation?

A perfect vacation for me involves both sightseeing (wandering around in a given city or town) and doing nothing. Maybe the most important aspect for me is the local gastronomy. I always like trying out the local food so I can cook it at home as well.

What's the best place you've ever visited and why?

It's hard to choose. Probably I would say Prague, because it is very similar to Budapest, and Budapest has everything it needs to be a perfect city: good food, good wine, and of course beautiful sights and a friendly environment.

What do you consider to be your best finds from your travels?

I would say when I was in Amsterdam with my girlfriend. We rented a moped and went to The Hague. It was the coolest trip of my life so far. When we departed from Amsterdam we didn't even know where we were going to sleep that night. It was definitely one of the most memorable trips I’ve had in my life.

What was the most exotic dining or cultural experience you've had when traveling?

Portugal’s National Day was during the week of my visit to Lisbon. Many people were in the streets and there was a huge block party. It was so crowded that we could barely move but it was so much fun to see how different those people are from most Hungarians.

Planes, trains, or automobiles? How do you like to travel and why?

Trains or car. I like trains for some mysterious reason. I don’t really know why. And I like cars because you can stop wherever you want, plus you have your own pace of traveling and it’s very comfortable.

What were your reasons for choosing to work in travel? And what value do you see in it?

Well, since I really enjoy jobs that include diversity, I think working in travel is the best option. I get to know more than 150 people each year from abroad. All of them are different, so meeting and talking with them broadens my perspectives as well. And traveling usually makes people happy, so being part of their happiness is also a good thing.
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