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Curious Thirst Quenchers: Regional Soft Drinks from Central & Eastern Europe

Curious Thirst Quenchers

Everyone needs some refreshment when they’re exploring new cities. But often travelers find themselves reaching for the old familiars rather than trying something unusual. Now that Coca Cola is available just about everywhere, it can be harder to branch out. But one great part of traveling is getting out of your comfort zone. There’s no… Continue Reading

Festival Gastronomico, Prague 23rd September – 5th October 2011

Festival Gastronomico, Prague 23rd September – 5th October 2011

Taste the food and culture of Spain and Latin America at the upcoming Festival Gastronomico in the centre of Prague. This celebration of Hispanic cuisine is a joint project of Acentos de Praga, a Prague-based Spanish information portal and online community for native speakers and Czechs alike, and Alakarte, a website that offers its members… Continue Reading

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