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Gone Glamping: Luxury Lakeside Camping

We have some truly unique properties among our offering, such as the Bond-like cliff-face hotel Villa Dubrovnik, the imposingly grand Gresham Palace in Budapest or the landmark site-turned-hotel in Prague’s Dancing House but nothing is quite like Garden Village Bled. Wait, what’s glamping? If you’ve never heard of glamping, well Garden … Read More

Travel Different: Stay in a National Monument

Mostar‘s Old Bridge Area is one of just two UNESCO World Heritage Listed sites in Bosnia and Herzegovina and sees more visitors than anywhere else in the country but the majority of them stay for just a few hours on a day trip from Dubrovnik or by detouring a little … Read More

Hotel, Pension or Apartment?

In some destinations we offer a selection of vacation apartment rentals, pensions and a choice of boutique and design hotels, so one of the questions we often get asked is whether we recommend guests stay in a hotel, pension or apartment. The answer is usually “it depends”. So to help … Read More

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