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Taste the Best of Central & Eastern Europe

Central and Eastern Europe, and Italy, offer a wide range of flavors, with each country serving its own unique cuisines and cooking traditions. You can enjoy the world's best beer in the Czech Republic, delicious fresh seafood along the Croatian coast, award-winning wines in Slovenia, the spices of Hungary, homemade vodkas in Poland and grilled meat specialties in Bosnia to name a few. Beyond the traditional you'll find young chefs in many of these countries have trained abroad, in England, France, Italy, and Spain, picking up techniques they bring home and apply to local ingredients and in so doing creating “modern” versions of their cuisines.

We're foodies ourselves and believe gastronomy is a very important part of the travel experience, so will certainly guide you with restaurant suggestions, but for those who want to explore even deeper, we are more than able to satisfy even the most demanding appetites. Our gastronomical experiences on offer include a variety of food tasting excursions, wine country tours, cooking classes, brewery visits, spirit tastings, and other options.

For the ultimate in gourmet travel experiences, our Small Group Italy Gourmet & Culture Tours are certain to delight. Designed and led by our native Italian expert, these 6-person tours delve deep into the best and most unique cuisines that Italy’s regions have to offer. If you'd like to put together a group of your own of four or more we will happily arrange a custom escorted itinerary for you.

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