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Know Before You Go: Language Basics

Whenever you travel to a non-English-speaking country, it’s natural to feel like a bit of a fish out of water. It’s getting a lot easier to get by without speaking the local language as English levels seem to be on the rise everywhere, but it’s always worth learning a few … Read More

Crowd watching the clock on Prague's Old Town Square

Overtourism Self-Defense Tips from our Experts

Overtourism is a trending topic these days, but the growing popularity of some of the world’s most iconic destinations doesn’t have to ruin your vacation. Here we present our tips, based on many years of experience.

Tiraspol, Transnistria's capital

“So, do I need a visa to travel to Europe?”

We often get asked what travel documents, such as visas, are needed for visitors. Below you’ll find plenty of details, but to start, always bring a passport good for at least 90 days after you arrive. Border guards always assume you will stay for the maximum amount of time you’re … Read More

Budapest's Great Market

How to Get from Prague to Budapest

A common itinerary for our guests on their Eastern European tours combines a visit to Prague, the Czech capital, and a few days in Budapest, the capital of Hungary. You can get from Prague to Budapest without too much hassle, in part because in American terms these cities are close together. … Read More

Group, Private, Hop-on Hop-off: Which Tour to Take?

For travelers looking to learn more about the unique destinations they’re visiting, we offer no shortage of different styles of tours. Let’s take a closer look at each to find the best tour for you. Group Tours A paid-for group tour might be the best tour for you if you’re … Read More

Keeping it Clean on your Eurotrip

Washing is a necessary evil if you’re trying to pack light. We’ve rounded up some handy places to get your clothes laundered on your next Central & Eastern Europe trip with us.

Prague Castle

Fear of Terrorism and Travel to “Eastern Europe”

In the wake of the terrorist attacks in Paris and Brussels, which all seem to be perpetrated by a single, or closely connected cells, and the subsequent travel alert issued by the U.S. State Department it is natural to be wary of traveling to Europe. However the differences between Western Europe and … Read More

Migrant Crisis Effects on Travel in Central & Eastern Europe in 2016

Every now and again the question of the continuing migrant crisis, and how it affects the destination we cover, comes up in conversation with a prospective guest. We’ve published a series of posts on the subject, of which this is the latest, updating regularly to explain the situation as clearly … Read More

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