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Caucasus Blogger Trips Roundup

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Ever since our initial research trips to the Caucasus region back in 2017, we’ve been keen to share these unique destinations with a wider public. In pursuit of that goal, we’ve sent a fair few bloggers there to discover for themselves why these countries on the far edge of Europe are worth visiting.

As part of those trips, we produced a number of videos, all part of this playlist on YouTube:

Apart from those videos, there’s also a wide selection of blog posts from the various bloggers who’ve experienced the Caucasus with us.

The Common Wanderer

Mim and Mark, AKA The Common Wanderer, traveled to Georgia and Armenia in September 2018 as part of our Content Creators trip.

Tales from the Caucasus: our impressions of Georgia and Armenia

Somehow, it felt both ancient and only recently forged; like it was still untamed and mysterious, and even now we keep finding ourselves totally intrigued by it.

A short guide to Khor Virap, Armenia’s most sacred monastery

You can only imagine our excitement then, when we rounded a corner and the landscape finally came into focus. A medieval walled monastery cutting a silhouette against the snow-capped flanks of Mount Ararat. Better yet, both stood proud against a pale blue cloudless sky.

Travel Geekery

Travel blogger Veronika Primm joined for the second half of 2018’s Content Creators trip, starting out in Tbilisi and finishing up in Baku, Azerbaijan.

Discovering Georgian Wine in and Near Tbilisi

It is absolutely okay to admit that wine is your main motivation for a trip to the country of Georgia. After all, it’s right here in this smallish country in Caucasus, where wine was born thousands of years ago.

20 Best Things to Do in Baku Azerbaijan (and Around)

I must say I didn’t know much about Azerbaijan before going there. I barely remembered Baku was the capital and that they had rich oil reserves… That was it. But a trip to Baku Azerbaijan and surrounding areas opened my eyes and I discovered a multi-faceted country with rich culture and history.

Adventurous Kate

Adventurous Kate, one of the foremost solo female travel bloggers, journeyed throughout the Caucasus region with JayWay in August 2019, visiting all three countries’ capitals, taking several day trips from them, as well as Svaneti and Kutaisi in Georgia.

Hell Yes, You Should Travel to Georgia in 2020

Overall, Georgia is going to become a powerhouse destination in the next decade. I recommend visiting before everyone else does.

What’s it REALLY like to travel to Baku, Azerbaijan?

I’m driving through the highway as we speed past modern, silver buildings interspersed with sand-colored mosques and souks, set back against the arid landscape.

What’s it like to travel to Armenia today?

Armenia is at the dawn of tourism, on the verge of something big. I don’t feel a desperate “Go now, before it changes!” that I did in Georgia. Definitely go — but know that Armenia’s got a long way to come. You won’t have to worry about overtourism here for quite some time.

Two Weeks in the Caucasus: Travel Itinerary for Georgia, Armenia and Azerbaijan

First off — the Caucasus is such an interesting place that you could spend months there without seeing all the points of interest. But most people don’t have months to spend here. If all you have is two weeks, you can definitely make a sizable dent in the region’s highlights.

Food Fun Travel

Nomadic couple Meg & Tom have made Tbilisi, Georgia their home since early 2019, having spent time there in the past, so their insight into Georgian cuisine and wine stems from extended exposure to the delights of the region. They joined us on our August 2019 blogger trip, starting in Tbilisi and onwards to Kutaisi and Svaneti.

Svaneti Travel Guide

An encyclopedic overview about traveling to Svaneti – some background and history, things to do, and where to eat in the Svaneti region of Georgia.

Having a local guide and professional driver gave us the opportunity to learn more about the region than if we’d been traveling solo. Some of the most frustrating parts of an independent trip are removed by having Jayway deal with all the logistics.

25+ Things To Do in Kutaisi & Imereti Georgia

Discover top UNESCO sites like the Bagrati Cathedral & Gelati Monastery complex. Fall in love with Georgian nature at Prometheus Caves and Martvili Canyon. Drink in Georgia’s historic wine culture at one of many vineyards around the Imereti region. And, taste traditional cuisine at the best Kutaisi restaurants.

Svaneti Cuisine

Svaneti Salt. Not exactly a dish, but an essential part of Svanetian cuisine. This unique local blend adds instant flavor and the taste of Svaneti to every dish it’s added to.

Travel Lemming

Nate Hake, chief author at Travel Lemming, is a recovering lawyer turned full-time traveler. His blog focuses on out-of-the-way places as an antidote to over-tourism. He has spent significant time in Georgia in the past few years. Nate joined our August 2019 trip that encompassed Tbilisi, Kutaisi, and Svaneti, revisiting some of his favorite places.

Georgia Itinerary Guide

This Georgia itinerary and travel guide will give you the basic information you need to know to make the most of your trip to Georgia, including information like where to go and what to do, how long to spend in Georgia, and multiple options for your Georgia travel itinerary depending on the length of time you have.

Svaneti Georgia (Ultimate Guide, 10 Things to Do, History & Travel Tips)

Nate was a big proponent of including some time in Svaneti on our August 2019 trip and we’re glad he was so insistent. He’d been before so he had an idea of what was in store for us.

Svaneti Georgia might just be my favorite place in my favorite country on the planet – so if you’re here, I’m pretty jealous of you because that probably means you’re considering traveling to Svaneti soon. And, boy oh boy, are you in for a treat … Svaneti is an incredible destination that feels a bit like visiting Winterfell from Game of Thrones.

Every Steph

Bologna-native Stefania has achieved one of the hardest things for an Italian – leaving her homeland and all its beauty and deliciousness behind to slow-travel the world.

One Week in Georgia Itinerary

Georgia is a country that on one side seems untouched by time. It has a unique beauty and various cultural influences from past invaders and neighboring countries: Turkish, Russian, and Persian, to name a few. Anyone who visits Georgia cannot stop singing praises for its unique beauty characterized by rolling green hills, mountain scenery, vineyards, old churches, and watch towers.

Foodie Flashpacker

Nathan takes his food very seriously and whenever we take him on a blogger trip, like 2018’s #JayWayPoland project, we know we have to be on top of the dining choices.

The 21 Best Restaurants in Tbilisi

Tbilisi is an amazing travel destination that isn’t exactly on every tourist’s agenda, but should be. It has the perfect blend of everything anyone could want. There are ancient and fortified architectural buildings, cathedrals and religious history, a rich cultural history and past, bohemian arts and artisan crafts with old world Spice Alley bazaar feels, welcoming and friendly natives, and a foodie’s paradise– the restaurants in Tbilisi truly have something for everyone! 

What is Traditional Georgian Food? 29 Authentic Must-Try Georgian Dishes

Georgian food represents their culture – warm and comfortable, like the Georgian cheese stuffed bread khachapuri. They use savory herbs that evoke Thanksgiving nostalgia, like tarragon, parsley, dill, and coriander and mix them with Persian flavors like garlic walnuts to make indulgent sauces. Georgian cuisine is a unique combination of the best their neighbors have to offer with their own unique spin! 

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