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Prague to Krakow by Train (and Back)

Want to know how to get from Prague, Czech Republic to Krakow, Poland? Train is the cheapest option, and we’ve compiled all the information, including fares and some useful travel tips.

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Budapest's Great Market

How to Get from Prague to Budapest

A common itinerary for our guests on their Eastern European tours combines a visit to Prague, the Czech capital, and a few days in Budapest, the capital of Hungary. You can get from Prague to Budapest without too much hassle, in part because in American terms these cities are close together. … Read More

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Vilnius Railway Museum

If you find yourself with some time to kill at Vilnius Train Station, you could do worse then spend 30-60 minutes checking out the Railway Museum, thoughtfully located right at the station. The indoor exhibition is in the station building itself, on the 1st floor and the outdoor section is … Read More

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Alexanderplatz, Berlin

Getting to Prague from Berlin

We’ve just added Berlin to the destinations on offer here at JayWay Travel and one of the most common combinations of itinerary is Prague and Berlin (and often Budapest too. Check our Prague to Budapest post). As the crow flies, the two capitals are 280km apart and you can travel the … Read More

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Cities of Central & Eastern Europe Grand Tour

Prague – Wroclaw – Krakow – Budapest – Vienna Now the weather is turning autumnal there’s still plenty to see in these Central and Eastern European cities and the summer crowds have thinned out too. With years of experience in bringing groups small and large to Europe, we’re happy to … Read More

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