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Top 10 Things to See in Dubrovnik

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We’re often asked ‘what are the must-see things in Dubrovnik?’, so we’ve put together this list of the top 10 sights in this stunning city along with a photo gallery to whet your appetite for visiting this lovely part of the world.

  1. Stradun, Placa – Main stone paved street of the city and still the center of the action, polished by so many footsteps that it looks like marble.
  2. City Walls – The city of Dubrovnik is completely surrounded with walls and forts, including the Old Port.
  3. Franciscian Monastery, Old Town – Inside is the Pharmacy dating from the 14th century(the oldest in Europe) and a gorgeous cloister.
  4. Sponza Palace, Old Town – Originally built as a customs house in 1516. Now it functions as the State Archive. On the ground floor is the Museum of the Dubrovnik defenders.
  5. Rector’s Palace, Old Town – Built in the 15th century for Dubrovnik’s ruler, the elected Rector, now a museum.
  6. St. Blaise church, Old Town – Dedicated to Dubrovnik’s patron saint.
  7. Cathedral, Old Town – This Baroque Cathedral was built in 18th century, after  an earthquake destroyed the original. Inside there is a Treasury with lot of interesting exhibits.
  8. Dominican Monastery, Old Town – Gorgeous courtyard with museum housing Dubrovnik’s historical artefacts.
  9. Lokrum Island The island is a 15 minute boat ride from the Old Town City harbor. As well as many peaceful coves Lokrum also boasts a Botanical Garden and, keeping with the monastic theme, a Benedictine Monastery.
  10. Mount Srđ The highest point above Dubrovnik, with breathtaking views. Take the cable car or for the adventurous, hike all the way up.
Ana has managed the Adriatic destinations offered by JayWay Travel since 2007. Her passion for the region's culture and tradition is apparent in her participation as member of a nationally recognized acapella group.

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