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Finance Assistant & Caucasus Region Destination Expert
Gio went beyond professional, friendly service. He took a personal interest, stayed in contact the entire trip, and welcomed us to Tbilisi with a wonderful dinner out on the town. With the service he offered before we arrived and all he did during our trip we couldn't have asked for anything more.
Nancy, Florida
Before coming to JayWay, Gio had already spent more than seven years in tourism, designing one of Tbilisi’s most popular tours, and learning how to show destinations from different points of view, revealing their hidden beauty. To better serve guests, Gio is working on a Master’s in hospitality management in Tbilisi. When not working or studying, Gio is fond of hiking beyond the city, especially in the mountains, or even taking part in extreme sports.

What's the best place you've ever visited and why?
One of the most memorable places for me was the way to the summit of Mt. Kazbegi in Georgia. This was the place where I first realized that the main obstacle to success is your own mind and you should always challenge yourself first to achieve something.

What was the most exotic dining or cultural experience you've had when traveling?
One of the most exotic experience I've had was finding that boiled snails are a very rare and old delicacy in Georgia's Javakheti region. They are a great snack to have with beer.

What were your reasons for choosing to work in travel? And what value do you see in it?
I'm very interested in different cultures. Sometimes you do not have enough time or opportunity to travel a lot, so why not host people and exchange experiences? My country has a lot to offer and I want to represent it correctly.
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