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The Best Views of Dubrovnik

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Let’s face it, Dubrovnik’s old walled city is breathtaking from pretty much any angle. But there are a few signature views of this jewel that stand out.

Some of them are better at certain times of the day, especially if you’re taking pictures and you want to catch the best light. For some of the farther-away viewpoints you’ll need a camera with a zoom lens to get the perfect shot.

From Above

The viewing platforms at the top of the cable car station on Mount Srd stand about 1,350 feet above sea level. From here you’re literally looking down on the city, with streets laid out before you like a 3D map. Those orange-tiled roofs against the deep blue of the Adriatic Sea is a sight that will stick in your mind forever. It truly is one of those postcard views. While you’re up there, you might want to take a look at the Museum to the Croatian War of Independence for some (albeit biased) background on the break-up of Yugoslavia back in the 1990s.

How to get this view?

There are three ways up Mount Srd, and the quickest is to take the cable car. A return ticket will cost you a fair chunk of change at 150 kuna ($23) for adults and 60 kuna ($9) for children. The cable car station is just outside the Buza Gate (if you’re in Old Town, take one of the streets that goes uphill and inland — these are more like staircases) The next quickest is to take a taxi ride to the top. This will cost around 150 ($23) kunas one way for up to 4 people. There is a path down that’s definitely easier than going up, if you want to hike and save some money.

From Sea Level

If you’re feeling energetic, you might want to take a detailed look at the outside of the 700-year-old walls from the sea, in the relative comfort of a sea-going kayak.

How to get this view?

Our sea kayaking activity leaves from a small bay just outside the city walls. With your guide you’ll paddle all the way over to Lokrum island, a nature reserve just off the shore, and back. There are a couple of group departures a day.

Dubrovnik old city view from east

From The East

Those signature shots you’ve seen of Dubrovnik? The ones with the old city jutting proudly out into the sea from the right? They’re usually taken from somewhere along the road called U Kralja Petra Kresimira.

How and when to get this view?

The easiest way to get to this view is to walk along the road until you find a spot to stop and take a photo. From Old Town, start out from the Ploce gate and take the gently sloping stepped path “Put u Bosanke” to join U Kralja Petra Kresimira. If you go shortly before sunset, you can get some fantastic shots, but to get the best light with the sun on the city walls, you’ll want to go earlier in the day.

Dubrovnik city walls view from fort lovrijenac

From The West

Fort Lovrijenac, or St. Lawrence’s Fortress (pictured below) sits on a rock just to the west of the old city walls. You might recognize it from its role as the Red Keep in HBO’s Game of Thrones.

How and when to get this view?

Fort Lovrijenac

We believe the best views are from the top of the fortress itself, so you’ll need to climb some steps, and pay the entrance fee of 50 kunas. Later in the afternoon is best, to catch the light on the city walls. You could also take advantage of the free entry you’re entitled to with a Dubrovnik City Walls ticket, which brings us to…

Close Up

Where better to get a view of Dubrovnik’s Old Town than from the walls that surround it? There are a number of killer viewpoints around the walls but our favorite is probably from the Minceta Tower. You can get great photos from the top or from inside the tower, framing the roofs and bell towers of the Old Town in the arched doorway.

How and when to get this view?

Entry to the walls is a fairly hefty 200 kunas, or about $30, but it does include Fort Lovrijenac, mentioned above. Don’t attempt this in the heat of midday though, it’s best done early in the morning or later in the afternoon. It can take up to two hours to make your way around the walls if you make frequent stops, so take some water. You will find some refreshment kiosks dotted around. Our favorite place to start is close to the Ploce Gate, as there is almost never a queue here, unlike at the Pile Gate entrance, where cruise groups usually start.

From Your Hotel Room Balcony

Many of the hotels and apartments located to the east of Old Town have balconies with amazing views of the city.

How to get this view?

Ask your JayWay Travel Advisor to request sea-view rooms or apartments when you book your tour of Croatia with us. You don’t necessarily have to spend big to get a great view though. One of the trade-offs for the many stairs you have to climb if staying in an apartment on that side of town is the magnificent view from the balcony.

Dubrovnik coffee with a view

With A Coffee

One of our favorite spots for a coffee is the terrace area of the Dubravka restaurant and cafe just outside the Pile Gate. Take a table right up against the wall and you can admire the view while you enjoy a cappuccino.

How and when to get this view?

Any time you want a coffee, a glass of wine or maybe a cocktail, there’s always time for any of these, but be sure to take a table on the sea wall.

What Did We Miss?

What are your favorite spots for Dubrovnik views?

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