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A city where even strangers feel at home. With its abundance of busy cafes and abiding tradition of hospitality, Sarajevo has a unique charm.

Sarajevo is the capital of Bosnia and Herzegovina. It's a cosmopolitan European city with an Eastern twist. It sits amongst endless hills and towering mountains, giving one a sense of isolation. The Old Town of Sarajevo is full of cobblestone streets, mosques and oriental-style shops. Sarajevo is a melting pot of diverse cultures. The capital is located on the original border between the Western and Eastern Roman empires after the original empire split in two. Few places on earth feature an Orthodox and a Catholic church, a mosque, and a synagogue almost next to each other. We recommend a walking tour to get to know the city.

Route for Sarajevo tour

The people of Sarajevo are incredibly friendly and welcoming. People here say that a man's wealth is not measured in his material belongings but rather in his friendships. Memories of the 1990s war and siege are still fresh. You'll see bullet holes throughout Sarajevo. Don't miss the Tunnel of Hope outside the center. It really captures the city's devastating past. Meat lovers will enjoy Sarajevo. Grilled meat is always on the menu, and no trip to Sarajevo is complete without sampling Cevapcici. This mincemeat kebab is the most famous dish in the country, along with burek (puff pastry filled with meat), which is usually served with yogurt.

Popular Tour Itineraries Featuring Sarajevo

Spend some time in Sarajevo on a tour that takes in other cities in Bosnia & Herzegovina and neighboring countries. Our vacation packages including Sarajevo and other destinations throughout Bosnia & Herzegovina and Europe hassle-free. We take care of getting you from place to place, accommodation, excursions and activities.

* Starting price is based on double occupancy in 3 star accommodation, in the most affordable month an itinerary is offered. Airfare to Europe is not included.

Click on your choice of itinerary, select number of travelers in your party, month of travel, and desired star level of accommodation to get an approximate price. Submit the enquiry form with any additional details and we can start planning your customized trip.

What we love about Sarajevo


Senior Trip Planner

Usually overloooked by visitors to the region, Sarajevo is one of my favorite places in Europe. It is a place where a lot of complicated history comes together, and despite all odds, it manages to cherish all of its heritage, customs and cultures. Sarajevo is a big modern capital in lots of ways, but at the same time it has a small town vibe, where you get the feeling everybody knows everybody. And, above all, legendary hospitality and warmth - this is a place where people will welcome you sincerely no matter what.


Team Leader for Adriatic Region

I've visited Sarajevo numerous times and I always love to come back. This city has a soul and this is not just some meaningless phrase - mix of cultures and difficult history created specific atmosphere you won't have a chance to experience anywhere else. It's also Heaven for meat lovers!


Team Leader for France, Benelux & Switzerland

Sarajevo is an exceptional city by all means. Four centuries of Eastern domination are manifest in numerous graceful monuments throughout Sarajevo. Not to mention the local food! There you will try the most delicious cevapcici - calorific rissoles of spiced minced meat typically served with kajmak, a cream cheese. And even though you will surely not be the only tourists in Sarajevo, it is less crowded than other European capitals. You can wander the streets and most of the people you see are actually locals. This is one of my favourite cities in the former Yugoslavia.

Where to stay in Sarajevo

Since we first started offering Sarajevo, the hotel scene has grown in leaps and bounds and we are pleased to be able to offer everything from cozy three-star and B&B-type places alongside four star design hotels, and a historic five star. For the experience alone, we recommend the converted hammam (Turkish baths) hotel that opened in 2015. Once we start preparing your customized itinerary we will present our recommended options for you to select from.
Historical Hotel in Sarajevo
Historical Hotel
The most unique hotel in the city, this is the location of the first Turkish bath (hammam) in Sarajevo. You'll be immersed in that special Turkish style.
Luxury Hotel in Sarajevo
Luxury Hotel
This uniquely designed, centrally located hotel is your best option for luxury in Sarajevo. Great views over the city, interesting decor and much more.
Heritage Hotel in Sarajevo
Heritage Hotel
A charming hotel that merges traditional elements and modern design with superior comfort.

Things to do in Sarajevo

Our local expert guides will provide guided tours that are second to none. Sarajevo is a city full of opportunities from the Old Town center representing the country's Islamic influences, to its breathtaking natural surroundings. Sarajevo can be difficult to access, but once you are there, you will need at least two nights to enjoy all that this unique destination has to offer. Not to be missed are a tour to the Tunnel of Hope and the Bascarsija Old Town. When we send you your customized itinerary you will be able to choose additional excursions to include in your vacation package or consider for adding later.
Traditional Bosnian Dinner with a Local Family Small Group Tour
Traditional Bosnian Dinner with a Local Family Small Group Tour
Jajce and Travnik Small Group Tour
Jajce and Travnik Small Group Tour
Fall of Yugoslavia and Sarajevo Siege Small Group Tour
Fall of Yugoslavia and Sarajevo Siege Small Group Tour
East Bosnia UNESCO Heritage Small Group Tour
East Bosnia UNESCO Heritage Small Group Tour

Frequently Asked Questions about travel to Sarajevo

What are prices like in Sarajevo?
A quick lunch with a drink in the city center, is around 11 KM/$6. Museum and landmarks cost from 2KM- 10KM ($1-$6). For dinner, budget for around 27 KM/$15 a person.
How can I get around Sarajevo?
Sarajevo's Old Town is compact, so getting around by foot is pretty easy. If you need to get a ride, the local taxi rates are quite low.
Is Sarajevo safe?
Sarajevo is a safe city, although the usual precautions should be taken against pickpockets in crowded areas. If coming by rental car, don't leave valuables in sight when leaving the car, and park in a hotel or public garage if possible.
What options does Sarajevo have for those with dietary restrictions?
Although Bosnian cuisine is mostly about meat, Sarajevo has more and more restaurants focused on providing options for people with dietary restrictions and intolerances. Many restaurants offer gluten-free options as well as vegan/vegetarian options, such as Falafel, Dveri, and Klopa.
How long should I stay in Sarajevo?
We recommend at least two nights, if not three.
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