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Photogenic from every angle, this is the caldera of the volcano that inspired Atlantis

Santorini is every traveler's dream. The whitewashed houses and blue domed churches perched atop of soaring cliffs, the narrow cobblestone streets and unsurpassed views of crystal-clear blue waters -- these all greet you as you step foot on this fairytale land. Intertwining myth and reality, Santorini is every bit as beautiful as the countless postcards, magazine covers, and Instagram photos claim.

The village of Oia is world-famous for its sunset, where thousands of spectators line up every evening to witness the magic as the sun bids farewell to the sky and the canvas lights up in hues of fierce orange, yellow, red and purple. Fortunately, the sunset can be enjoyed from much of the rest of this crescent-shaped island. Santorini is also home to Akrotiri, the Greek take on Pompeii. Inhabited since Neolithic times, this city was built up by the Minoans, a seafaring civilization that predated the ancient Greeks, only to be destroyed in the catastrophic eruption that shaped Santorini, which forms part of a massive volcanic caldera. Covered in ashes for millennia, Akrotiri is still being uncovered.

We suggest visiting the neighboring center of the caldera, where you can enjoy hot springs, visit the volcanic crater, and enjoy stunning views of Santorini itself. Santorini’s unique ecology, climate and volcanic ash soil paved the way for a flourishing wine industry -- the indigenous grape varieties of Santorini such as assyrtiko, are highly priced among the wine lovers. The crisp wines of Santorini are sure to make your stay even more enjoyable.

Things to do in Santorini

Santorini’s beauty just only begins at Oia, as the whole island is a marvel of sites, sounds, flavors, and people. Although Santorini’s size is relatively small compared to other Greek islands, there are plenty of experiences worth mentioning. To make the best of your visit we advise you to join a full-day tour that is packed with history, culture, endless photo opportunities, and Santorini’s renowned flavors. 

Soak in the island’s dramatic landscape from the highest viewpoint, at the top of the mountain of Profitis Ilias, where you'll feel the wind caressing your face. Discover Santorini’s unique colorful beaches (Red, White and Black) and stunning caldera views while enjoying the comfort of a luxury catamaran. Swim in the hot springs of Nea Kameni, one of Santorini’s volcanic islands and visit the island of Thirasia.

Don’t overlook spending time exploring Thera (Fira), the island's capital, which is home to several notable museums such as the Folklore Museum and the Archaeological Museum of Thera. Join an afternoon walking food tour and hear all the tales of the Lost City of Atlantis which may have been based on Santorini's fate.

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