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The Best Beaches in Croatia, Part 3: Hvar

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This week our Best Beaches in Croatia series takes us to Hvar, Europe’s sunniest island!

Hvar’s best beaches aren’t actually on Hvar itself but instead scattered amongst the nearby Pakleni archipelago. To get there you have the choice of ferry, taxi boat or our recommdation is renting your own motor boat (from around $100 a day for a small 2 stroke engined boat), which gives you the freedom to explore the islands and see a bit more of them.

The most popular of the beaches on the Pakleni islands are:

Palmizana – located on Sv. Klement, the largest island in the archipelago, with a coastline that looks like it was designed by Slartibartfast himself. Here you’ll find a smorgasbord of sandy beaches and secluded coves here, perfect for your first go at skinny-dipping.

Sv. Jerolim is a well-known and long-established naturist haven. The coast of the island of Sveti Jerolim is quite rocky, with also nice small shingle beach. Shrub and pine groves come almost down to the shore, so if you choose your spot carefully you can get plenty of shade in the heat of the afternoon, with the sea just few steps away when you want to cool off. There is a good restaurant and showers.

On Marinkovac island there are a number of beaches, many of them naturist beaches. There are three popular coves, Stipanska is the first place the boats stop. A short walk trough the pines from the beach is a restaurant. Stipanska has a small shop, showers and a naturist section.

If your beach time is limited, you could do worse than stick around in Hvar Town and head for Amfora beach, the largest beach in town, in front of Hotel Amfora, just 5 minutes walk from the town center. There you can enjoy a meal in the restaurant on the beach or a snack and drink at the beach bar and wash the sand off with the showers. Make it an active day by renting a paddleboat or catamaran kayak or just relax on a sunbed.

By far the hottest spot in Hvar is Hula Hula Beach Club, a 5 minute walk from Amfora and 15 minutes from the town center, along the coast. The perfect choice for a full day’s relaxation by the sea with sunbed and parasol rentals, with your dining needs taken care of by the excellent Bubba Gump restaurant, one of our favourite restaurants in Hvar. When the sun’s over the yard arm (from 5pm), the famous after beach parties start. Enjoy a cocktail and watch the sunset.

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Image credits: Sv Jerolim by PrettyKateMachine, Marinkovac Island by Dave Schumaker, Palmizana Island by googlisti, all via Creative Commons on Flickr. Hula Hula Beach Sunset courtesy of Hula Hula Beach Club’s Facebook Page

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