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This is an aerial view of Pupnatska Luka in Croatia.

The Best Beaches in Korcula

When it comes to beaches in Croatia you shouldn’t miss, the best beaches in Korcula need a special mention. During your trip to Croatia, you will find that several beaches in and around the town of Korcula and further afield on the island will compete for your time and a … Read More


Top 10 ideas for your 2012 Croatia Vacation

Croatia is a timeless country with something for everyone and is one of our most popular summer vacation destinations. Its mix of rich history, breathtaking nature, endless coastline, classic architecture, vibrant culture, delicious cuisine and warm climate make it a holiday paradise. Its geography means there is abundant coastline and … Read More

This image shows a straw hat in the foreground and Rovinj in the background.

The Best Beaches in Rovinj

This guide to the best beaches in Rovinj is here to prepare you for a unique summer escape in Croatia. Rovinj is one of the most picturesque towns in Croatia. However, thanks to its spectacular coastline, Rovinj boasts some of the best beaches in Croatia, too. From long bays to … Read More

This image shows a small boat in the calm sea, with a red-rooftoped town in the background.

The Best Beaches in Trogir

With love from our local experts to you, here’s a list of the best beaches in Trogir, a UNESCO-listed city, just a 30-minute drive from Split. Apart from featuring some of the best beaches in Croatia, Trogir is a city museum in every sense of the word. For more than … Read More

This is an aerial view of the Pakleni Islands, home to some of the best beaches in Hvar.

The Best Beaches in Hvar

In this guide, our local experts in Croatia are sharing with you a list of the best beaches in Hvar, the sunniest island in Europe. Although there are some beaches on Hvar Island itself, you should know that the best Hvar beaches are scattered across the gorgeous Pakleni Archipelago. To … Read More

This is a panoramic view of Banje Beach with its turquoise waters and golden sand. In the background, the walled Old Town of Dubrovnik with the iconic red rooftops spreads in all its glory. In the foreground, two hands holding a phone, taking a picture of the landscape.

The Best Beaches in Dubrovnik

In part 1 of a 5 part guide to Croatia’s best beaches, we take a look at 4 beaches in and around Dubrovnik: Banje Beach, Sv Jakov Beach, Buza and Lokrum.

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