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The Best Beaches in Croatia, Part 2: Korcula

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In part two of our guide to the best beaches in Croatia, This week we take a look at the beaches in and around Korčula.

Banje Beach

Banje Beach is is right in the center of Korcula’s Old Town, close to Hotel Marco Polo and Hotel Park as well as to the local swimming and water polo club ‘KPK’. This pebble beach can get very busy, crowded with tourists as well as locals. With several cafes and restaurants close by you can get a drink or a bite to eat without the need to change out of beachwear.

The beach is very popular with locals who live around the Borak area, as well as the members of the swimming and waterpolo club, who like to go for swim at Banje after their training sessions at the adjacent pool.

Lumbarda’s Beaches

Two of the most beautiful sandy beaches in the area, Bilin Zal and Przina, are located near the seaside town of Lumbarda, a few kilometers east of Korcula town. Bilin Zal is a small beach, popular with locals, especially those with kids. Przina is a longer beach and in the summer it fills up from early in the day with both tourists and locals. There’s a small restaurant serving cold drinks and snacks. If you’re up for some skinny dipping, just follow the road straight ahead after the sandy beaches and turn left when you get to the pine forest. Soon you will reach a nudist area.

Luka Korculanska Bay

If you’re staying in Korcula town and don’t feel like going to Lumbarda, the good news is that a sandy beach can be found only a 15 minute walk from the old town in Luka Korculanska Bay. Near the beach several bars serving food and refreshing cold drinks. If you’re looking for some quiet and relaxing time on the beach, the bad news is that this beach is usually overcrowded with families with small children.

Badija Island Beaches

Badija island beaches are just a short water taxi-boat ride from Korcula town’s main harbour. Badija has a lot of swimming spots and pebble beaches all over the Island. There are many naturist beaches on Badija, so if that’s not your think, consider yourself advised. Badija is very popular among locals too for weekend day-trips and picnics, so it can get crowded at the weekends. There’s plenty of other things to see on the island, particularly the sprawling Franciscan monnastery, which was seized by Tito’s government after WWII and has been recently returned to the order. The monks have been busy restoring the monastery and cleaning up the island ever since.

Badija Monastery image courtesy of Sue Tupling via Creative Commons on Flickr

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Ana has managed the Adriatic destinations offered by JayWay Travel since 2007. Her passion for the region's culture and tradition is apparent in her participation as member of a nationally recognized acapella group.

3 thoughts on “The Best Beaches in Croatia, Part 2: Korcula”

  1. Nice list Ana. I always think Korcula’s best beaches are those a little further away from the old town. As a couple of extras to your list, the two bays close to the fishing village Racisce, Samograd and Vaja, are stunning and usually very quiet as they are a little harder to get to. Pupnatska Luka, a large deep bay, a few kilometres from the small village of Pupnat is also a great place to enjoy the clear seas, although much more popular than the bays in Racisce.


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