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Vlad the Impaler's birthplace. Draculas inspiration is the best-known resident of Sighisoara. But leave the legend behind and discover one of Europe's best-preserved medieval towns.

Everything within Sighisoara's medieval walls and protected by its nine towers seems perfectly preserved from another time. Along its cobbled streets you'll find merchant's homes, ornate churches, and the birthplace of Vlad Dracula. You'll certainly want to visit the Citadel, Clock Tower, and Scholars’ Stairs. The city built the covered staircase in 1642 to protect citizens on their winter climb to school and church. One of the few European towns to have kept its medieval fortifications intact, its UNESCO listing is no surrpise. There’s much to discover. The Church on the Hill has 500-year-old frescoes. The Church of the Dominican Monastery is famous for its renaissance carved altarpiece, baroque pulpit, and 17th century organ. We recommend taking a walking tour in Sighisoara to get acquainted with the city.

Route for Sighisoara tour

It’s odd how such a colorful and uplifting place can have a legend like Dracula attached to it. But Sighisoara embraces its darker side. There's both a Weapons Collection (housed in Vlad Dracula’s house) and a Torture Museum. There’s a Festival of Medieval Arts and Crafts in July, but year-round you can experience Transylvanian craftsmanship in the History Museum. Spending an extra day here means you’ll get to discover Sighisoara at night. It's calm and quiet after many of the travelers have moved on. You could cover the sights in a few hours. But Sighisoara is an excellent place to have some relaxing downtime. With its central location, why not stay here overnight between visits to Brasov, Sibiu, Cluj, and places even further north?

Popular Tour Itineraries Featuring Sighisoara

Spend some time in Sighisoara on a tour that takes in other cities in Romania and neighboring countries. Our vacation packages including Sighisoara and other destinations throughout Romania and Europe hassle-free. We take care of getting you from place to place, accommodation, excursions and activities.

What I love about Sighisoara


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Sighisoara is like a magic fairy-tale town each child would instantly fall in love with, but adults are not immune either. Part of UNESCO heritage and one of Europe’s last inhabited medieval citadels, Sighisoara always put a spell on me with its “frozen in time” feeling. The 16th-century clock tower, the guild towers, the covered staircase leading to the church on the hill, the colorful old houses, the cheese pies, and even the weird smoked beer all stick with you. The July annual medieval festival is when the past really comes to life and costumed knights, princesses & lords, craftsmen & bards put up various shows like sword fighting, horse tourneys, folk dancing & singing, crafting or cooking

Where to stay in Sighisoara

You'll be staying in the historic heart of Sighisoara, in one of our hand-picked hotels in this atmospheric Transylvanian town. Once we start preparing your customized itinerary we will present our recommended options for you to select from.
Small Stylish Hotel in Sighisoara
Small Stylish Hotel
Good quality hotel located just outside the Old Town, this easily accessible hotel has recently been redone and offers modern interiors & amenities
Elegant Central Hotel in Sighisoara
Elegant Central Hotel
The most modern and luxurious hotel in Sighisoara, this newly opened property offers modern amenities and style.
Boutique Heritage Guesthouse in Sighisoara
Boutique Heritage Guesthouse
This Old Town property is located in an historical building and offers a traditional vibe and antique furniture in every room. Great restaurant!

Things to do in Sighisoara

Whether you want to get to know Sighisoara better or explore the surroundings, our selection of tours with our very own private guide all to yourself are the best way to do it. When we send you your customized itinerary you will be able to choose additional excursions to include in your vacation package or consider adding later.
Transylvania Hidden Countryside Private Tour
Transylvania Hidden Countryside Private Tour
Transfagarasan Highway Private Tour
Transfagarasan Highway Private Tour
Follow in the Footsteps of Prince Charles Private Tour
Follow in the Footsteps of Prince Charles Private Tour

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Frequently Asked Questions about travel to Sighisoara

How long should I spend in Sighisoara?
We recommend spending a full day in Sighisoara. Nevertheless, if your time is limited, we can include a stop and a guided tour in Sighisoara on your way between Brasov and Sibiu.
What are Sighisoara's must-see sights?
Start your walk through this UNESCO-protected medieval fortified town in front of the 14th century Clock Tower, the city’s symbol and the former town hall, now a history museum. Right next to the tower is the Dominican Order Church, initially a 13th century Gothic monastery, converted by 16th century Transylvanian Saxons into a Lutheran church. From the church and tower, continue straight ahead for a few minutes on Piata Cetatii street and pass by House Vlad Dracul, where the Vlad the Impaler was born. You will reach the main square, where you can turn left and head to the Covered Stairway. This passage leads to the fortress hill, where the town's schools and cathedral are located. Once you climb the stairs, you should definitely go inside the Church on the Hill. This is one of the most famous Gothic churches in Transylvania, and home to very old paintings, original chests where people kept their valuables in times of siege, and the catacombs of the Romanesque church buried beneath.
Are mobility issues a concern in Sighisoara?
Yes, unfortunately. Sighisoara is a medieval citadel located atop a hill. The streets and alleys are sometimes narrow and uneven with cobblestones. To get to the main attractions, you must climb many stairs. Therefore, we don't recommend Sighisoara for those with mobility problems.
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