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Turkey's lively capital of 100 years, located in central Anatolia, has a history that stretches back much further
Turkey’s capital is a modern city in every sense. Appointed the capital of the country when the Turkish Republic was founded in 1923, Ankara symbolically represents the shift from the Ottoman Empire to the modern Turkish state. Now, it’s the second largest city in Turkey and the center of political power. The most notable site of interest in Anitkabir, the mausoleum of Mustafa Kemal Ataturk, the founder of the Turkish Republic and the first president of Turkey. (The second president of Turkey, Ismet Inonu, is interred there as well.)
Route for Ankara tour
Ankara is located in central Turkey, and its history stretches back to the Bronze Age. The weather is semi-arid, with cold winters and warm dry summers. Much of the city has wide streets framed by trees and modern 20th century buildings, while other sections of the city better represent Ankara’s long history throughout eras. Some of the visible history includes Ankara Castle and Citadel, a Roman theater, the Temple of Augustus and Rome, the Alâeddin Mosque, and more. Ankara is a city that is constantly bustling, where real people live their lives. Restaurants and bars buzz, streets teem with people, and the political heart of the country continues to beat.

Where to stay in Ankara

There's a wide choice of accommodation in Ankara but picking the best place can be hard if you don't know the city. We've hand-picked the very best options with respect to location and price levels, so you can be sure you'll be staying somewhere that's perfect for you. Once we start preparing your customized itinerary we will present our recommended options for you to select from.
Classic 3-star hotel in Ankara
Classic 3-star hotel
A hotel with friendly and attentive staff, in a fantastic central location, near shops, theaters, and restaurants.
Traditional luxury hotel in Ankara
Traditional luxury hotel
A comfortable and luxurious stay in Ankara with stunning city views.
Design hotel in a historical building in Ankara
Design hotel in a historical building
A unique hotel that combines rich history with modern comforts.

Things to do in Ankara

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Frequently Asked Questions about travel to Ankara

How long should I stay in Ankara?
Two days is a perfect amount to experience the highlights of Ankara. In that time, you can see most of the areas of interest in the city at a leisurely, comfortable pace. If you are planning on using Ankara as a base to explore the region, it’s possible to stay longer.
When is the best time to visit Ankara?

The weather in Ankara is semi-arid, with dry hot summers and cold snowy winters. Spring, summer, and fall are all nice times to visit, with comfortable weather for exploring the city. Rainier days tend to occur during spring and autumn.

How do I get around Ankara?
Ankara has a robust public bus network, as well as a small subway and a suburban rail line. There are plentiful taxis in the city as well, so there is always a way to get to the destination you need. Dolmus, or van-sized shared cabs, fill the gaps in the bus routes and can let you out anywhere along a fixed route.
Is Ankara safe?

Like most cities in Turkey, Ankara is a very safe place to visit. While there is some petty crime, and it’s advised to keep track of your belongings when you are out in public places, serious crime is rare.

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