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Whether you're looking for an ancient village built into the side of a mountain, or a seaside paradise with welcoming waters, Qeparo has what you seek
Quiet Qeparo is divided into two sections, with the New Village sitting beside the sea, and the Old Village looming high above, on the slopes of Mount Gjivlash. The scenic beach, with its crystal-clear waters, is this area's main draw, but be sure to visit the Porto Palermo Castle, located on a former island now connected to the mainland by a sandbar and beaches. Porto Palermo is not within walking distance, but can be visited as part of a tour we provide.
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Qeparo offers old stone architecture up the hill and a laidback beach by the turquoise sea. It's a place where hammocks are never far away.


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A long village spread around the sea, Qeparo is vibrant in the summer, and great for long walks by the sea. Most of its cafes and restaurants are conveniently located by the beach. The village is divided into two parts and the upper part, situated in the mountains, is literally stuck in the past. On a half-day tour around the upper village, you can find locals casually playing cards in cafes and enjoying long afternoon coffee breaks.

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Modern Seaside Hotel in Qeparo
Modern Seaside Hotel
A modern hotel with a charming stretch of beach to itself
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