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The Best Spa Towns in Central and Eastern Europe

Some very relaxing news for visitors to Central and Eastern Europe: a new international project has united the best spa towns in Central and Eastern Europe in an effort to earn UNESCO recognition. The Great Spas of Europe project is the result of eight years of collaboration between the Czech … Read More

Visiting the Moser Glassworks

The Moser Glassworks in Karlovy Vary are a must-see when staying in this west Bohemian spa town. Here’s how to take the glass factory tour.

Karlovy Vary, Hotel Thermal Pool in foreground

Get out of Town: A Trip to Karlovy Vary

Karlovy Vary or Carlsbad in German, is the Czech Republic’s longest established spa town. It was founded by Charles IV, the over-achieving King of Bohemia and Holy Roman Emperor who has a bridge named after him in Prague.

Getting Online on vacation in Prague

All of our Prague apartment rentals and hotels have internet access but if you’d prefer not to have to stay in to surf, there are a few more ways to get connected. Free wifi around town Unlike many western countries paid-for wifi networks never took off here so you won’t … Read More

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