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Rovinj: An Underrated Foodie City

Can you think of a better food combination than proximity to the sea, nearby local farms and an Italian influence? For a very different Croatian dining experience, be sure to enjoy some mealtimes in Rovinj. Located on the Istrian peninsula, this Slow Food fishing village is known for its fresh fish, … Read More

Vienna’s Designer Dining Spots

Don’t just eat while in Vienna, dine! And dine in style. The Austrian capital is known for its architecture and design, but don’t simply take a picture of it during the day – feast (or have a cake and coffee break) in one of these truly ‘designer’ eateries. Loos American … Read More

Celebrating St. Martin’s in Prague

Goose and wine are the stars of this November 11 holiday celebrated across the Czech Republic. If you are familiar with the French tradition of Beaujolais you already know pretty much what will happen on St. Martin’s Day. At 11am on November 11, bottles of Svatomartinské víno (St. Martin’s wine) … Read More

A Feast of a Fest in Prague this Winter

Prague’s culinary scene has come alive in the past few years and there’s a real buzz around food in general. There’s the emergence of farmers markets (and direct-from-farm food stores too). The TV schedules are packed with cooking and food-centric reality shows (the star of the Czech version of Ramsay’s … Read More

The Raw & The Cooked in Dubrovnik

A tale of two seafood centric restaurants in Dubrovnik You might remember the Fine Young Cannibals second studio album, The Raw & The Cooked. It went to number 1 in the US, Canada, Australia and UK album charts in 1989. That was over 20 years ago. Which is about how … Read More

cafe imperial

Prague’s Best Value Lunch Menus

The JayWay pick of 3 restaurants offering great value lunch menus – a handy way to try slightly lighter portions of fantastic food for much less than evening prices.


Can you Trust TripAdvisor for Restaurant Listings?

In principle this would seem reasonable. There’s safety in numbers after all and eating out in a city you don’t know is fraught with problems and let’s face it, an appetite is a terrible thing to waste! Secret sauce TripAdvisor won’t reveal exactly how their algorithm works but the way … Read More

Things to Avoid in Prague

Top 10 Things to Avoid in Prague

You might expect a travel company’s blog to only talk up the positives of our destinations. But we’re realists. Here are 10 things to avoid in Prague:

Slovakia’s UNESCO Sites – Banska Stiavnica

Banska Stiavnica, on the UNESCO World Heritage List since 1993 is the oldest mining town in Slovakia and due to its mineral wealth (gold, silver and copper were all mined here) it was both prosperous and sought after – the Turks tried to conquer it during a prolonged invasion of … Read More

Piwnica Swidnicka

Our Top 10 Restaurants in Wroclaw, Poland

Wroclaw will be host to several matches in the upcoming Euro 2012 Soccer Championship and it was home for me for a while too. If you’re coming to town for the football or passing through on a tour of Central & Eastern Europe, here’s my personal top ten places to … Read More

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