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Restaurants in Lviv

Top 10 Rooftop Restaurants in Lviv

No matter how you look at it, Lviv is lovely. But the most beautiful way to enjoy it is from a bird’s-eye view. A meal or a drink on a terrace with a view over the rooftops is always relaxing and romantic. So here are the best restaurants in Lviv that have terraces … Read More

5 Places to Taste Real Bulgarian Cuisine in Sofia

By Ana Dobrevska, guest blogger from Sofia, Bulgaria Sofia can offer you much more than you might imagine in terms of cultural heritage and authenticity. Apart from having the second largest cathedral on the Balkan Peninsula, the Alexander Nevsky Cathedral, as well as the enchanting mountain of Vitosha, which is reachable … Read More


What’s New in Prague: 3 Fresh Favorites

Prague’s dining scene ebbs and flows, like the river that runs through the center of the city. New places are opening all the time, and sometimes they’re exceptional. The three restaurants we’ve chosen to highlight here are all standout examples of things done right. Bistrot 104 This isn’t Prague’s first slightly hipster, … Read More

Luxe Lunch for Less in Prague

Prague has its fair share of fine dining restaurants where you’re in for a bill of at least $100 per person if you opt for a tasting menu, but many of these high-end establishments also offer a very reasonably priced lunch menu, so you can try some fantastic dishes in … Read More

Break with Tradition in Dubrovnik

We love Croatian food, it’s all about the fresh ingredients and simple preparation, accompanied with a local wine it is tough to beat. But after a week or so of the same flavors you could be forgiven for craving some novelty (and more novelty than just switching to local versions of … Read More

Vienna’s Jewish Heritage & Sights

Of all the cities in Europe, Vienna has perhaps the richest and most deeply seated Jewish heritage. Despite persistent and recurring waves of anti-Semitism, of which the Holocaust was only the most recent, Vienna’s Jewish community has remained vibrant and significant and today Vienna’s Jewish heritage & sights are some of the richest … Read More

Dubrovnik Pile Gate Crowd

8 Things to Avoid in Dubrovnik

Dubrovnik is undoubtedly a breathtakingly beautiful place but this makes it very popular with tourists and where there are tourists there are often tourist traps to be avoided. Here’s what we warn our guests to avoid in Dubrovnik and how to deal with it.

Slovenia for Foodies

Slovenia is a country of contrasts. You can have a mountain adventure in the Julian Alps, experience culture and a lively street scene in Ljubljana or sun yourself on the country’s tiny bit of coast in Slovene Istria. These distinctions also extend to the country’s cuisine. The small country boasts … Read More

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