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Our Guide to Souvenir Shopping in Greece

Apart from the photographs captured during your holidays to Greece, souvenirs are also a wonderful way to display and cherish your travel memories. There are plenty of authentic products made in Greece which you can buy that make a fantastic gift for your friends and loved ones back home. If … Read More

Art at Lviv's Vernissage

Haggle Across Central & Eastern Europe

Delve deep into local culture and history, and check out a flea market. From the banks of a canal, to a floating barge to market halls and pedestrian streets, East and Central Europe have endless opportunities for memorable, historic souvenirs, especially if you’re up for a bit of haggling. Here’s … Read More

Souvenir Shopping in the Baltic States

Even if you’re traveling on a budget, buying souvenirs is always one of the highlights of going on holiday. We always recommend buying local. Choosing products from local artisans is one sure way to keep an authentic memory of your trip. When you’re traveling in Europe you’re spoiled for choice. The … Read More

Dubrovnik Pile Gate Crowd

8 Things to Avoid in Dubrovnik

Dubrovnik is undoubtedly a breathtakingly beautiful place but this makes it very popular with tourists and where there are tourists there are often tourist traps to be avoided. Here’s what we warn our guests to avoid in Dubrovnik and how to deal with it.

Shopping & Snacking in Budapest’s Great Market Hall

A “must-see” on a trip to Budapest is the Great Market Hall. It is located at the southern end of the famous Vaci Utca pedestrian shopping street and by the Liberty Bridge. The Market Hall was opened in 1897, suffered extensive damage during WWII and was hastily repaired. It was … Read More

Things to Avoid in Prague

Top 10 Things to Avoid in Prague

You might expect a travel company’s blog to only talk up the positives of our destinations. But we’re realists. Here are 10 things to avoid in Prague:

Fresh fruit & vegetables

Food Shopping in Prague Just Got a Whole Lot More British

British expats living in Prague have been relatively well catered for. First by Robertson’s, the chain of butchers and delicatessens started by ex-farmer Chris Robertson that has grown from a bacon and sausage delivery business to 4 outlets over the past decade. Then there’s the half-hearted effort made by UK-owned … Read More

Moser crystal vases

What to Bring Back from Prague

When you’re travelling to Europe you’ll want to bring back some gifts for the folks back home or some mementos of your trip. Here’s our guide to what to shop for in Prague and the Czech Republic. Beer If you’re traveling with a restricted luggage limit then the Czech Republic’s most … Read More

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