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Amalfi Coast

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The original Italian Riviera.
A rugged coastline, charming villages, and amazing limoncello.
Italy's Amalfi Coast is the definition of the Italian Riviera. There's one scenic wonder after another here. The towns of Amalfi and nearby Sorrento in particular are full of great seaside architecture. Their harbors were once ports for powerful maritime republics. You'll find excellent hiking between the villages, if you're in good shape. But the Amalfi coast road can be best enjoyed riding a Vespa round the tight turns. This narrow twisting winding road is the main artery of communication, with ferries as the only other alternative form of transportation.
The Amalfi Coast's coarse-grain sand public beaches can fill up fast on sunny days. You won't find vast expanses of white sand along this rugged coastline. But taking a dip in the sea and staking out your own piece of beach is part of the fun. Many people also know Amalfi for its lemons. They have IGP (protected geographical indication) status in Italy. The best use they're put to is in making limoncello. Don't miss a chance to try an artisanal local limoncello!

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