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This image shows a glass bowl filled with Croatian fritule.

Foreign Influences on Croatian Food

Situated on the crossroads between Central Europe and the Mediterranean, the small country of Croatia was a melting pot of cultures for many centuries and, in this article, we’re exploring the various foreign influences on Croatian food. Illyrian tribes, Greeks, Romans, and later Venetians left a significant impact on the … Read More

Fast Food in Croatia

Slow food is part of the Croatian way of life. So what do you do when you need something quick? We’ve got some ideas for you.

The First Quarantine

“Liberty is not sold for all the gold in the world.” This was the motto of the Republic of Ragusa, which from 1358 to 1808 was a wealthy city-state built around maritime trade, like Venice and Genoa. Over time, Ragusa came to be known by its present name: Dubrovnik. Even … Read More

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