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Top vacation destinations in Istria

Istria might be known as "Croatia's Tuscany" but there's a lot more to it than that.
Croatia's largest peninsula, Istria is packed with delights. Whether you want to be amidst rolling hills in the heart of inland Istria in Motovun, or soaking up the sun and enjoying the fruits of the Adriatic sea in coastal town Rovinj, we can craft the ideal Istria itinerary for you. Istria is often called Croatia's Tuscany, and as a shorthand that makes sense. It's got plenty of Italian touches – it used to be part of the Roman and Venetian empires and relatively recently Italy after all – yet Istria is more balanced in terms of the significance of its inland and coast.
Istria is ideal for the second-time or third-time visitor to Croatia. Most first-timers tend to start with Dubrovnik, and who could blame them, but Istria has much to offer, even if it lacks the wow factor of some of Dalmatia's big hitters. You won't find plentiful islands to hop between, but the lush inland has hilltop villages scattered around. The coastal town of Rovinj, where the Venetian influence is particularly evident, is truly delightful. Istria's cuisine, heavy on truffles which are found here year-round, is a big plus. And who could miss the Arena at Pula, the fifth-largest surviving ancient Roman amphitheater? It's still in use to this day for concerts and yes, re-enactments of gladiator fights.

Frequently Asked Questions about travel to Istria

Can I combine some time in Istria with Slovenia?
Absolutely. Croatia's Istria region pairs very well with neighboring Slovenia. We would recommend a custom itinerary including Ljubljana and other Slovenian destinations such as Lake Bled or the Soca Valley, making a beautiful off-the-beaten-path trip that you'll be thinking about for years to come.
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