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Hackesche Hofe Courtyard

Exploring Berlin’s Hackescher Markt

For those looking for a different shopping experience in Berlin, head over to the Hackescher Markt area and the Hackesche Höfe. This complex built by August Endell and with facades dating from 1906 will satisfy you architecturally and provides fun opportunities to window shop. The website claims it’s “Germany’s largest … Read More

A Kazimierz Tour

Krakow’s Kazimierz quarter is one of the city’s most interesting neighborhoods. The Jewish quarter’s history is vast but it’s also repositioned itself as Krakow’s artsy district and place to go for dining and nightlife. Historical Kazimierz For an in-depth look at the history of the neighborhood, consider booking either a … Read More

The Venice Biennale 2015

From art to dance; architecture to film – the Venice Biennale is a showstopper of an event. Running in 2015 from May 9-November 22, the theme of All the World’s Futures has offered creative types myriad ways to express themselves. The Biennale dates back to 1895, when it was limited … Read More

Salzburg Day Trip Ideas

Doing some Bavarian mountain hiking (or just looking) and a trip to the Eagle’s Nest are two popular day trips from Salzburg. But the Austrian region here has a number of interesting possibilities, beyond the typical. Consider spending an extra night in Salzburg and arranging a one or two day … Read More

Movies Set and Shot in Budapest

Budapest is beautiful. Gorgeous buildings, grand boulevards, it’s a photographer’s dream. And film producers see a lot to love there too. The city has become a major film destination in Central Europe for producers interested in replicating just about any European city. Government incentives, lower labor costs and a diversity … Read More

Rovinj: An Underrated Foodie City

Can you think of a better food combination than proximity to the sea, nearby local farms and an Italian influence? For a very different Croatian dining experience, be sure to enjoy some mealtimes in Rovinj. Located on the Istrian peninsula, this Slow Food fishing village is known for its fresh fish, … Read More

150 Years Young: Vienna’s Ringstrasse

Vienna’s historic, old town section is nicely surrounded by the Ringstrasse. Walking around this circular road brings you past some of the city’s top sites including the Rathaus (Town Hall), the Parliament Building and the State Opera. Most of the architecture dates to the 1860s-1890s, a robust building period in … Read More

Munich’s Third Reich Tour

German history is fascinating, and if you are interested in the beginnings of World War II and Adolf Hitler’s rise to power, our Third Reich tour is highly recommended. The fast-paced tour led by Jeff is packed with historic facts, from Hitler’s birth, upbringing and failed attempts to be an … Read More

Welcome Romania!

A couple weeks ago, we talked about our expanded offerings in Lithuania – two great new towns to explore in this lovely country. Today, we are pleased to introduce our newest country – Romania! Feedback from past clients indicated they would love to explore this not-too-travelled country, especially the beautiful … Read More

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