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Explore the Art & Culture of Europe

Explore the Art & Culture of Europe

If you’d like to explore art that’s hard to find in your own town, we’d be happy to help you explore what Europe has to offer. From museums and galleries stuffed with the old masters to workshops, street art, and festivals, we can help you explore all aspects of various cultures. From masterpieces of the Western canon to open-air museums and isolated places where locals still wear traditional dress in daily life, we can cover your interests.

In one trip, you could visit classic landmarks such as Berlin’s Museum Island and the Uffizi Gallery in Florence, as well as promising new landmarks like Tallinn’s Kumu and the Bunk’Art in Tirana. We can also help you see art made, such as the glassblowing workshops of Venice’s Murano Island, or the black pottery of Romania’s Bucovina region. Art can also be enjoyed outside with the help of architectural tours. In the space of one country, you can explore various styles from different centuries, and the region we cover is home to some of the world’s largest and best-preserved concentrations of some architectural styles. In Riga, you can immerse yourself in more Art Nouveau facades than anywhere else, then head down to Vilnius for whitewashed Baroque, or up to Tallinn for a perfectly preserved Medieval old town still encompassed by rows of walls and towers.

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Make Europe's centuries of art and culture the focus of your next vacation.
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