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Central & Eastern Europe’s Diverse, Delectable Desserts

From blood sausage to octopus risotto, East and Central European cuisine runs the gamut, and its desserts, varied as they may be, are all worth a taste. We asked our local staff for their favorites, and struggled mightily to winnow them down enough to fit into a blog post! Here … Read More

House of Parliament at dusk

Budapest’s Unparalleled Parliament Building

When you’re in Budapest, it’s impossible to avoid catching a glimpse of the Hungarian Parliament Building, a Gothic Revival wonder. The largest building in Budapest, and tied with St. Stephen’s Basilica for the country’s tallest structure (after St. Adalbert’s Basilica in Esztergom), the Hungarian parliament is a temple of democracy. … Read More


Budapest for Vegetarians and Vegans

Hungarians have always placed a great emphasis on food, and their cuisine is often declared to be the best in Central Europe. While the locals do like their meat, there’s certainly more to eat than goulash. Budapest‘s population is nearing two million, and a large expat population too, there are … Read More

Your Reading List for Budapest

In this week’s books for travel blog post we move to the beautiful city of Budapest, known by locals as “Paris on the Danube.” Budapest is a gorgeous destination for travel in Central Europe, and a very cultured city. Visiting Budapest will be the highlight of any European vacation. Are … Read More

Spring festivals in Europe

Spring Festivals in Central and Eastern Europe

Spring is a big deal in Central and Eastern Europe. That’s not only because many of these countries were once pagan, but also because they have to put up with a long, dark winter. So when spring finally comes around, people are ready to celebrate. Most spring festivals in Central … Read More

River cruises in Budapest

The Best Danube River Cruises in Budapest

Locals call Budapest “Paris on the Danube,” and with good reason. This beautiful city sparkles like The City of Lights, especially at night. The Danube and its bridges are even more impressive than the Seine. Exploring the city’s gorgeous architecture is a necessity. And Budapest’s Christmas markets are famous throughout … Read More

The Best Places for Photography in Central Europe

Many travelers in Central Europe love taking pictures of all the magnificent architecture. But as anyone who has tried it knows, there’s a big difference between the photographs you see in National Geographic and what you can do by simply pointing, snapping, and hoping for the best. It’s all about the proper … Read More

The Coolest Streets in Central Europe

Visiting a new city can be overwhelming. There’s so much to see and do, sometimes it’s hard to know where to start and how to use your time wisely. So we’ve put together this quick guide to the coolest streets in Central Europe. We’ve picked a few highlights from our … Read More

Curious Thirst Quenchers: Regional Soft Drinks from Central & Eastern Europe

Everyone needs some refreshment when they’re exploring new cities. But often travelers find themselves reaching for the old familiars rather than trying something unusual. Now that Coca Cola is available just about everywhere, it can be harder to branch out. But one great part of traveling is getting out of … Read More

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