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Three vertical photos in one picture, taken from the 3 best viewpoints in Warsaw, Poland. The left photo shows the view from the bell tower of St. Anne's Church and includes a view of the Sigismund's Column with Old Town houses behind it. The middle photo shows Warsaw skyscrapers showered in golden light during sunset, taken from the observation platform of the Palace of Culture and Science. On the right, we see the Palace of Culture and Science itself in the evening light, as seen from the Panorama Sky Bar in the Marriott Hotel.

3 Best Views in Warsaw

Are you planning a trip to the Polish capital and wondering about the best views in Warsaw? We’ve got you covered! While traveling through European cities, you will find yourselves looking for spots with great views of breathtaking panoramas. But trying to find the ideal spot to take that perfect … Read More

Spring festivals in Europe

Spring Festivals in Central and Eastern Europe

Spring is a big deal in Central and Eastern Europe. That’s not only because many of these countries were once pagan, but also because they have to put up with a long, dark winter. So when spring finally comes around, people are ready to celebrate. Most spring festivals in Central … Read More

The Coolest Streets in Central Europe

Visiting a new city can be overwhelming. There’s so much to see and do, sometimes it’s hard to know where to start and how to use your time wisely. So we’ve put together this quick guide to the coolest streets in Central Europe. We’ve picked a few highlights from our … Read More

Warsaw’s Trendy Made-over Market Halls

What are the great culinary capitals of Europe? You’re probably thinking of Paris, Rome, Helsinki… what about Warsaw? Polish cuisine isn’t only pierogies, and in recent years this lively city has made great leaps, with fantastic new restaurants springing up in unexpected places. But nowhere is the city’s dining scene … Read More

The Wolf's Lair

The Wolf’s Lair: Hitler’s Most Famous Hideout

Central Europe is a treasure trove for history buffs. From the Berlin Wall to the marvellous architecture of Prague, there is certainly no shortage of fascinating historic sites in the region. But for those who are specifically interested in World War II, the Wolf’s Lair, located in Ketrzyn, Poland, is especially … Read More

Polin Museum

Warsaw’s Must-See Museums

Warsaw is an irrepressible city with a history that has spanned from triumph to tragedy. Emerging from communism to become one of the most vibrant destinations in Central Europe, Warsaw has a little of everything, from excellent dining to great jazz clubs. But this is also a fantastic place for visiting museums, … Read More

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