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Croatian Food & Wine Guide

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Welcome to our comprehensive guide to the food & wine of Croatia. Learn about the regional specialties and traditions of this fascinating country. Find out what and where to eat on your Croatia vacation and even how to enjoy some Croatian treats when you’re back home, with recipes and shopping tips.

Want it all in a nutshell? Read this:

Prefer to learn all about Croatia’s delicious cuisine and delectable wines in depth? Choose from this tempting menu:

Exceptional Ingredients

Croatia is blessed with a mediterranean climate and an agriculture that produces some outstanding products that while hard to obtain outside Croatia are absolutely worth indulging in when you visit.

What to Eat

Our guides to the local cuisines of Croatia and the standout dishes you’ll find no menus in each region.

Where to Eat

Each article features a select of our favorite places in each city. Places where you can enjoy the very best of Croatia cuisine.

All About Croatian Wine

Wine is produced in every corner of Croatia, and while it might lack the international recognition of other Mediterranean countries, Croatian wine should be sought out. Especially on your travels in Croatia.

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