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Piemonte Sights

Piemonte, or Piedmont literally means at the foot of the mountain. Surrounded on three sides by the Alps, it's clear where the Romans got the name from. The south-facing foothills of Langhe provide the ideal conditions for cultivating grapes. Piemonte is home to many DOC designations, the more famous being Barolo, Barbaresco and Moscato d'Asti. Sampling some of these is definitely one of the main activities you should engage in when visiting the region! It's not all about wine however. You'll find plenty to eat as well. The Slow Food movement began in Bra, close to the Barolo wine hills. The region's cheeses too are a delight to be savored.

Piemonte Tourism

Our Italy country manager hails from Torino, the capital of Piemonte and a gourmet tour led by him, is truly the best way to uncover all the best of his home province. You'll be welcomed like family when you visit with him the winemakers, chocolatiers, cheesemakers and farmers of this still less-traveled corner of Italy. If the timing is right you'll even get to stomp on grapes at a harvest festival. Or go on a truffle hunt with trained truffle dogs. A visit to Torino, highlighted by a tour of Porta Palazzo, Europe's largest outdoor market, is also included. The hills of Piemonte provide the perfect opportunity for some hiking to work up an appetite for all the delicious food you'll be tasting.

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Patricia & Robert

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