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San Marino

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The World's Oldest Republic
Add a whole new country to your map with a stop or overnight in the oldest republic in the world, San Marino. After seventeen centuries of independence, this tiny state surrounded by Italy has some stories to tell. The UNESCO listed capital of San Marino is perched on a limestone rock and affords 360 degree views over the Adriatic sea, the Apennine mountains and rolling countryside dotted with medieval castles.
Route for San Marino tour
San Marino is an ideal base to explore the plethora of medieval villages, historic towns and nearby Italian UNESCO sites of Urbino and Ravenna as well as popular seaside towns on the Marché coast. Italians like to joke that San Marino has the second best cuisine in the world and this tiny micro-state is packed with gourmet and winery delights.

Where to stay in San Marino

Classic Central Hotel in San Marino
Classic Central Hotel
Comfortable hotel in the historic center, with good views.
Cozy Central Hotel in San Marino
Cozy Central Hotel
Cozy boutique hotel located in a historic building in San Marino's center.
Elegant Boutique Hotel in San Marino
Elegant Boutique Hotel
Great views, cozy atmosphere.

Frequently Asked Questions about travel to San Marino

Where's best, easiest and safest to get some local currency? (ATM, bank, exchange offices?)

The official currency of San Marino is Euro, which you can obtain in all ATMs in town, faster than in banks and with similar exchange rates. Currency exchange is available through different money changers available mostly in the historic centre. 

What are prices like in San Marino?

Prices in San Marino are comparable to those in Italy. A quick lunch with a drink in the centre, is around 25-30 euros. Museums and landmarks generally cost 10-20 euros. For a full dinner, budget around 30-40 euros.

How do I get around?

The city of San Marino is really very small so it is advisable and pleasant to visit it on foot, since all the recommended hotels, museums and most restaurants are within walking distance and in the pedestrian area. The city also has a cable car that connects it with Borgo Maggiore, in case you wish to visit from other areas with your own vehicle. There are many car parks in town however they can be quite busy in summer weekends and Italian and local National Holidays. 

Public transport in the city is very efficient and user-friendly.

Is the city safe? Are there any tips on things to avoid, or places where you should be careful? 

The city is generally very safe and the local police is particularly attentive to protect locals and tourists. However, as in most highly touristic destinations, occasional episodes of pickpocketing can happen so we recommend to be aware of it, leaving documents and valuables safely stored in your hotel.

How many days should I spend in San Marino? 

In most cases, a half- or full-day private walking tour and lunch in a nice restaurant is enough to visit the main attractions, located close to each other in the historic centre. 

For a more intense and rewarding experience, and for arts & history fans, we suggest to spend 2 to 3 nights, since it is a great base visit nearby countryside, wineries and picturesque villages (with a rented car & guide, or a private excursion with driver and guide), Rimini for its very popular seaside and nightlife, Cesenatico for seaside relax and the harbour designed by Leonardo da Vinci.

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