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The winner of Italy's Borgo dei Borghi - Village of the Villages - award in 2021, Tropea is truly a delight.
Founded by the fearsome Hercules, Tropea's past has been one of wealthy merchants and aristocrats who tamed the rocky scenery by building elegant palazzi and mansions. Nowadays, the historic center of Tropea has la dolce vita written all over it and, combined with the pristine beaches found along the renowned Coast of the Gods, render Tropea one of the best off-the-beaten-track places to add to your Italy itinerary. From wandering around its maze of narrow alleys to enjoying the sun and the sea on one of its golden-sand beaches to watching the dreamiest sunset at the Sanctuary of Santa Maria dell’ Isola di Tropea, Tropea has more than one way to steal your heart.
Route for Tropea tour
Part of Calabria in Southern Italy, Tropea can also be the perfect base from where to explore this lesser-known region. In Tropea, you can taste authentic Calabrian dishes and appreciate the regional cuisine, a blend of fresh seasonal ingredients, and simple yet flavorful recipes. The famed red onions of Tropea are not to missed as they are among the best onions in the world. From culinary delights to gorgeous architecture to the feeling of the warm sand beneath your feet, Tropea promises a unique trip for all the senses.

Things to do in Tropea

Being located on the coast, many of the options involve the sea. Boat trips to the Aeolian Islands are popular, but we would advise against them. The few hours on just a few of the islands aren't worth spending over half the time at sea. Instead, a more leisurely cruise along the Coast of The Gods to Capo Vaticano will get you some time on the water without being overwhelming. As you're in Tropea, a Tropea onion-tasting experience is a must, and our local representative will happily arrange that for you.

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Can Tropea be combined with a stay in the Aeolian Islands?
Yes, and thanks to our excursion partners, it's possible to take a boat directly to the Aeolian islands, bypassing a whole-day journey via Messina to take the scheduled ferry services.
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